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Bienvenidos!  Welcome to my new site Zunemods and my blog.

Today is my first go at knocking your socks off with my Movie and TV thoughts and wisdom….And remember, what I say ain’t law, just my law.

As I was raised on the best of movies and TV, my palate is seasoned for quality.  I’m a connoisseur of many genres.

Let’s look at my most recent fascination:  Minority Report

Minority Report – the TV show.

I saw the movie years ago and will admit, I’m a HUGE Tom Cruise Fan.  He can do no wrong.  I’m not getting into any Scientology politics here either, because that’s not what this is about.  He’s a MOVIE STAR.  Period.

Now, back to the show.  I turned it on a couple days ago to kill the time.  See, I have Hulu, so it’s easy.  And I’ve seen a bunch of the stuff out there, but was hesitant to try Minority Report.  How could they do better than T.C.?  Well, since I couldn’t find anything else to watch and it was “recommended” to me by the God-almighty, Hulu—I figured, WTH!

Stoked that I did.  It’s a different take on it from the original.

The Premise

Basic gist is we’re in the future, and the 3 pre-cogs have been let loose after their program is deemed a failure.  They’ve been living lives in seclusion since.  Until one of them hooks up with a cop and they become partners, so to speak, and go after criminals.  Book ’em Danno! (throwback to another time on that one)

How good is it?  On a scale of 1-10, I give it an 8.  I really enjoy the sci-fi nature of the sure, but I don’t know if regular joe’s are going to pick up on it?  And nowadays, new shows aren’t given enough of a chance to prove themselves.  Rumor has it that they’ve cut the number of episodes for the season, so season #2 is iffy.

My Rec

If you’re a sci-fi fan, I say YES!!!!  If you have time to spare, enjoy.  If you don’t care that it might end abruptly or might not go past season one, do it. Otherwise, as much as I’d like to say watch it, I don’t wanna be pissing you off this early in my reviews.

There!  DONE!  comeback for the next review.  It’ll be a doosy!

Peace bitches!  Wendy’s out!

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