First Death of the Season

Run for the hills!!!!


Vomit vomit vomit.  Do not watch this show!  It sucks!  And it’s already cancelled….so don’t worry.  It’s called Wicked City.

It’s sad too, cuz there are some really good actors in it.  Jeremy Sisto (yummy but old), Erika Christensen (from Traffic and Parenthood–dope movie and dope show) and it also had that guy from Gossip Girl.  I don’t really know if he can act, but he’s a hunk!

Rumor on him…the Gossip Girl guy.  Apparently, he’s such the professional that in the outtakes from the show….He’s not in any of them.  Don’t know if I respect him for that or if I think that’s weird and stupid.  Have some fun.  Enjoy making mistakes.  Be playful.  Life ain’t that serious.  Ya feel me!


Okay, Wicked City!  Crash and burn.  I couldn’t even get through the first episode.  So let’s cut to the chase.  Writing on a scale of 1-10 equalled a .5.  The plot (as if) was TUR-rible!!!!  And the acting was notches above soap opera acting.  But hey, those chaps make bank and work all the time.  I’d so love to be on a Soap.  Give me a holla Young and the Restless or General Hospital.  I got game.

Granted, it only got 3 episodes, so maybe it didn’t get comfortable or settle into to where they were trying to get to….but come on.  Don’t you feel like sometimes they are just throwing names together and hoping it sticks.  Remember Gray’s Anatomy?  The biggest name was Patrick Dempsey and he wasn’t that big.  They went with chemistry.  That’s what works.  How many shows are the dumb ass networks going to put on the air with big name after big name and have them all fail and then blame others.  Learn from your mistakes, that’s what my mom always said.  If you don’t and you keep repeating them over and over…that’ just insane.

Really, the more I think about it, it’s like let’s just do couple match making and forget about chemistry.  We’ll just pair people up based upon popularity and looks and yeah, those won’t end in divorce or MURDER!!!  HEEHEE.

Anyway, the show doesn’t really go anywhere and you can tell they just seem to be going for a paycheck.  But don’t stress, yo.  The show is DONE-ZO!  And so am I.  I got things to do and more movies and shows to watch.

Hey, what do you want me to review next?  Tell me?  I’ll check it out and give you the low down, yo down!

Peace Bitches.  Wendy OUT!

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