Taking Movie Night To An Extreme

OMG!  It’s so on!  My girls called me and we’re planning a special night out because it’s one of their birthdays.  We’re going to have so much fun it’s reeeeeeeeeediculous.

So, fist off, we’re going to the movies.  YeYzaaaa!  And we’re going to let Tiffany pick what she wants to see.  We usually vote, but as it’s her birthday, we’re changing the rules.

She likes the rom-com, so I’m sure it’s going to be something in that direction.  Which is fine with me.  I don’t mind doing a laugh-love film every once in a blue moon.  As you know, I so much prefer a sci-fi or fantasy or action kind of movie.

Side note, there’s a couple really great sites online that you can stream and download awesome movies.  I can’t say them or I’ll get put in the internet jail, but email me:  movies@zunemods.net and I can get you the list.  Secrets are the bestest!

But back to the special night.  We’re doing a big dinner at one of our favorite spots.  Benihana.

Nothing like a good hot meal of deliciousness cooked right before you!  love me some lobster and steak.  That’s my combo.  And the fried rice!  oh and those two sauces!!!!

I think I still have one of those budha belly ceramic glasses you can get for your birthday.  My grandma always took me there.

Oh and my friend’s dad got us a Santa Clarita limo for the night.  Apparently, this place has some dope rides.  We were going to get a Hummer, but since there’s only

8 of us, it would be overkill.  We got a hot pink stretch!  YAY! So we can enjoy some cocktails at dinner and not have to worry about what happens.  Except I hope we don’t pass out.  I don’t particularly like drinking before a movie.  I get too sluggish.  You feel me?  And then you wake up hurting after those two hours.

Oh and then, because we have the ride for the night and we’re going to an early-ish movie, we’re going to hit some clubs and dance our butts off.

I don’t know when the next time we’ll do it like this, but I’m so excited for the stylin’ that we’ll be doing for this adventure.  I haven’t been this excited to play out all night in months.

I wonder what I should wear?  Cuz it’s dinner first, I don’t wanna go all fancy and smell like Habachi.  But a girl gotta look good.  Ya know!

Alrighty my loves.  I’m so excited and hungry, I gots to go get some food.  I’ll be seeing you all out there very soon.

Have a monster of a day!!!!

Peace Bitches.  Wendy OUT!

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