About Me

Right about now, I’m an empty notebook rearing up to fill it up with the knowledge and thoughts swirling around in my noggin’.

And as I’m going to be filling this up with so much good stuff, you won’t know what to do with yourself. Let’s get started with the WHO. I’m Wendy. Yup a bad-ass chiquita from the hood of LA. Okay, I’m not really hood, but I got some spice. That’s for sure.

I’m huge into movies so, you’ll be getting a lot of person thoughts and reviews on them….as a starter. I’m also going to be tossing off some pontification as I see fit. I need a place to let lose, so here we are.

As for what? I do shit. Lots of it. Nobody ties me down, not my man, my family, my boss (dropping him soon and you’ll learn more later). I’m a flying manowar but you can call me WENDY.

Now get back to your learning…cuz I have a lot tutelage that’s about to be happening. Go read my BLOG now!